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Suzanne is an author of speculative fiction. She lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, with her long-term boyfriend and their guinea pigs. Her mind never stops conjuring ideas for new stories and then finding ways to corrupt them.

Suzanne’s fiction is often dark, always epic, and never quite normal. Suzanne began writing in her late teens with a wee story about a sad, old magician. She’s not sure exactly when the first spark of life for The God of the Roses came to her, except that it was long ago, it was nothing like what it would become… and it came to her in a dream.

The God of the Roses is a planned quadrilogy set on the fictional world of Sitis, and revolves around a dying world and its mysterious ruler. The first draft of the first novel – Children of the Sun – is planned for an October, 2019 finish.

Suzanne doesn’t write – or think – very fast. She suffers from chronic mental health issues, which greatly influence her work.

Outside of writing, Suzanne enjoys reading, oil painting, making homemade preserves, pointing out dogs every time she sees one, and horror. No specific horror, just horror. Suzanne loves it all.

“To me, fantasy is freedom.”
— Suzanne